Welcome To Adventures in
Mindful Living!

Mindful means to be attentive, aware, or careful. To our family, Adventures in Mindful Living means to really pay attention how we are cooking, living, learning, and loving.

When I started this website the purpose was to help families and individuals find healthier and more mindful alternatives to their typical meals, snacks and desserts. One of the amazing side effects of becoming more mindful in our cooking and eating was that the mindfulness overflowed into all areas of our lives.  This website has evolved along with our family and now includes many other ways to be more mindful in everything from cooking to weight loss!

We have learned and are continuing to learn from our personal experiences and would love for you to come along with us on this epic adventure towards eating and living more mindfully!


What you will find on this site

  • lots of family and budget friendly meals, snacks, and dessert ideas and recipes 
  • fun ways to make learning more meaningful and effective for all ages (preschool to high school)
  • tips, tricks, and advice all aimed at helping you and your family become more mindful in everything from cooking to parenting
  • some tips and ideas for dealing with picky eaters (I have 3 strong willed, opinionated children)
  • lots of tips on ways to save $ on everything from groceries to vacations
  • ways to kick up the nutritional value of recipes
  • ways to change your health and your wealth using easy and affordable products 

What we would like for you to know

Every step, no matter how big or small, toward better health is a step in the right direction and a better quality of life for you and your family.


  1. Hello Amber,
    I was coming over to say Hello and tell you I nominated you for
    The Sunshine Award! find out more here..

    Kim This Ole Mom

  2. Your blog is beautiful and an inspiration. Thanks so much for including me in the MMM party!

    • Thank you Chris!This was a very nice compliment to wake up too! Your blog is looking really good too!I look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  3. Thanks for this blog and the linky link up! Looking forward to learning and meeting new like-minded bloggers!

  4. Hi Amber,
    I finally came over to join your Monday link up party. Thank you for the invite from way back in February! Glad to be here.
    Blessings, Janis

  5. popping over from the click and chat party. Following via RSS

  6. I love your site…. it has so many interesting things… how to do find the time… I would like some pointers in time management as blogger with 2 kids and a husband who works over night…

    • Thanks for stopping by! Shoot me a message on FB and I would love to chat with you. I can tell you what works for me and then you can take it and tweak it and make it work for you and your family.

  7. Hi Amber, great website. I love reading about deals and saving money. I will be back again. =)

    All the best, Crystal Ross

  8. Hi!

    Saw a post of yours on Pinterest, checked out your website & would love to be added to your email distribution list.


  9. Amber, I love what you are doing with your website. Wish I had been lucky enough to have this great resource when my kids were growing up!

  10. Love your blog! Very Inspirational & Informative 🙂

  11. Newest follower from the Click and Chat Social Media Link up.

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