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6 Week Transformation


6 Week Transformation

What we have done is take the Juice Plus+ program and break it down into a new practical habit each week to focus on. One of the things we really believe is small little tweaks can add up to really big changes. So instead of  throwing everything at you at one time, we broke it up into small “doable” changes that you make over the entire 6 week period. We also add in some other great suggestions and practical tips and tricks that can help further your success!

You can see the Juice Plus+ program below! It is a great program that uses quality products!


 Week 1: One Complete shake daily, 2 healthy meals, snacks, and Juice Plus+ Trio (optional but recommended)  (1)

 Weeks 2-5: Two Complete shakes daily, main meal lunch, snacks and Juice Plus+ Trio (optional but recommended)(2)

 Week 6: One Complete shake per day, 2 healthy meals, snacks and Juice Plus+ Trio (optional but recommended)(2)

 Healthy lifestyle for a lifetime: One Complete shake a day or every other day; continue
to eat clean, drink water, exercise and take Juice Plus+ Trio(optional but recommended)  (2)

For more on the Juice Plus Transformation including testimonies click here!

What this program gives you-

You get the program described above but we break it down week by week.

We also offer some healthy meal ideas that you can pick and choose from to select the ones that work best for you and your family.

What about the workout part?

With our  program each week along with your new habit to work on you will get a list of ideas and links that will help you reach your goals. We understand that most of you are like us, we don’t have the time or finances sometimes to get to a gym to workout.

To help you with that all of our ideas and links will show you free and fun ways to get in a good workout! You simply pick the ones that work best for you and your level of fitness!

We also provide you with some great tools to help keep you accountable and help you get organized so that these habits will stick!

These include-

A private closed Facebook group you can join that you can post pictures of what you are eating, successes, struggles, new recipes you find and want to share , or ask questions. You can participate as little or as much as you want too!

Printable weekly blank menus so when it is time you eat you know exactly what you are eating because you have planned it already!

A Pinterest board filled with some great recipes so you don’t have to figure it out yourself! No matter what your food preferences are you can find something on here that you and your family will enjoy eating!

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Send me a message on our Adventures in Mindful Living Facebook page or by emailing adventuresinmindfulcooking (AT) gmail (DOT) com

*If you would like to earn some extra income while helping people get healthy then I would love to add you to my team! Interested? Curious? Send me a message to adventuresinmindfulcooking@gmail.com

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