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More Information on the 6 Week Transformation!

More Information on the 6 Week Transformation!


Is this what you feel like when you step on your scale?

The 6 Week Transformation will help you begin your journey towards better health. A really nice side effect is that when you start to make better choices with your food then you tend to lose weight! Getting healthier can also improve your digestion, give you  more energy, and make you look and feel better! Let me first give you a little background on how and why I developed this program. I had just turned 30. I was overweight and was struggling with life in general. I had no energy, and was irritable becasue my whole body hurt all the time. I tried every diet I came across. I would lose weight on some of them but then as soon as I went back to eating carbs or even just eating regular food, it will all come back.  I had 3 kids who needed me at my best and I wasn’t there at all. On top of all of that I started developing eczema  on my knees and elbows. I thought it was all just part of getting older. But to be honest I knew it wasn’t. I knew there had to be a better more common sense way to get healthy and get rid of this extra weight. Through some twist and turns that God took me through I finally found what worked for me. I discovered it was just about eating real whole foods and mindfully changing some of my bad habits into good ones. Slowly the weight crept off but more importantly I started to feel better! Once I started to feel better,I knew I wanted to help other people like me who were struggling. Now you don’t have to do exactly what I did to feel better. You just have to find what is right for you in your season of life. I developed my program so that it is easy to tweak so that you can find out what works for you! There is no prepackaged food that tastes like cardboard. I am not going to have you counting every calorie or weighing out food. I mean seriously- who has time for that? I want to help you find real life, practical solutions that you can continue to do long term!

After I developed my program I looked for a protein powder to go in my smoothies. I finally found one I loved! It was with a great company too! Bonus- The company (Juice Plus) had a great 6 week program too!

I tweaked my program to compliment and enhance the Juice Plus program, and what was born was  my 6 Week Transformation program I am offering now!

It is the best of both worlds!

Will you lose tons of weight super fast and look like a supermodel when you are done this program? No. And anyone who promises you that you should take a real hard look at and go as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

What I am giving you is a start towards better health. You can go as healthy as you would like or start out slow and work your way up to it. The point is to get you started on that path!

I have found that most people think they are doing things to lose weight and get healthy but in reality they are doing the opposite!

In general we are a overfed nation filled with undernourished people!  

If I told you I could show you small little changes and tweaks you could make to meals and to your eating habits that would add up to big changes in your helath and your waistline – would you be interested?

If you said yes then continue on!

So right now you are interested but you have questions, right? Let me take a moment and answer the usual questions I get!

What exactly do I get with your program?

Each week  you simply click on the week you are on in the menu above. You get the step you are working on that week, along with some helpful tips and tricks that I and some of my clients have used to be successful.  There is also a Pinterest board filled with meal ideas so you can pick some healthy meals that you and your family will enjoy. (That is the easy to tweak part!)

I notice you don’t have any meat recipes on your site. I am not a vegetarian ,do I get to eat meat on your plan?

Yes you can eat meat on my plan or you can go plant based/ vegan / vegetarian. Since you get to pick the meals, you pick the ones that fit best with your family and its dietary needs and choices.

Why do I have to order the Complete Mix to get on this program?

One of the biggest reason this program works is the Complete mix. I have you order from the Juice Plus company through my link. I have you add the complete mix to your morning (or whenever you decide to have them) smoothies so that you are making sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function really well. When you give your body what it needs , then it tends to not crave all that other bad stuff. I have seen this over and over again in my own life and in my client’s life.  I like the Complete mix becasue it uses whole food nutrition, its gluten free, uses natural sugar, has no animal products in it (dairy free),and it tastes great! It is also one of the best priced “protein powders” out there.

I do make a very small commission on the complete mix when you order it from me like I ask you to. I use that commission to help offset fees and help pay for the rest of my website. I would like to say that I am well aware that there are other “shakes” and powders out there that I could make more money off of but this is the company and the brand I love. So please don’t not send my any “pitches” for your shakes or powders.

There is no better time than now to start feeling better and to start your journey to better health! 

Do you guarantee I’ll lose weight and feel better? No I dont. Buy law you are not ever allowed to guarantee anything like that. I don’t make empty promises to get you to open up your wallet. I realize that you may have just clicked off of this program but I always feel like I need to be honest. There can always be underlying issues that could keep you from feeling better and losing weight. I am not a doctor nor will I pretend to be one.I have had great success with this program and so have many of my clients. But in the end this is not  a magic pill. I am not your fairy godmother who can wave a wand and make you skinny. Here is what I can tell you. You put the work in and you work the program and make good choices you should lose weight. You stop eating  some of the bad calories and highly processed foods you will tend to feel better! You lose weight and you joints and your back will tend to feel better. If you eat real whole foods in practical ways like I teach you then you will tend to lose weight and feel so much better. I get messages all the times from clients telling me how surprised they are that they feel so much better. want to read some of their testimonies? Click here! Ill have more up soon! If you are ready to really focus on getting healthy and you are ready to make that commitment to yourself then I can help you. If you are looking for a fad diet that makes empty promises that you will look like some  celebrity who is airbrushed to the max (and who also has a personal chef and glam squad) then this is not the program for you. Please feel free to click off of my site now. If you are a real person who just really needs some guidance and real practical solutions to how to eat better and get healthier then you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Are you ready to say that you are important enough to make this commitment to yourself?


You will need to  decide what floavor of complete mix you want to get. I send you an ebook as a thank you that is filled with recipes for the vanilla complete mix but the chocolate is also a great choice! If in doubt get the variety, that way you can try both flavors out!

Make sure to put your email address on the purchase form you will fill out so I can reach you! 

Click here and get your complete mix ordered today!


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