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Here on Team IGNITE we have fun while we are building lasting and stable business!

We are all about fun here on Team IGNITE!!

One of the ways we like to have fun is to play BINGO!

The rules are simple!

Print out the BINGO sheet (find it here) for the month.

As you go through your month do the activities on the BINGO sheet.

Check them off as you do them!

The day after qualifiers day there will be a post put up on the Team IGNITE Facebook page asking for everyone’s BINGOS. Take a picture of yours and share it on there with your total for the month.

Amber Neal will draw a winner that next morning!

What is the prize?


But that’s not all…….

If you get a total black out (all the boxes are checked) you will get business cards (a $50 value) as a way for Amber and Jeremy Neal to say way to go!

If you have already gotten business cards from Amber and Jeremy then you will get an extra special gift!

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