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Creamy Spinach Lentil Curry

Creamy Spinach Lentil Curry

not the best looking meal I have made but it is one of the best tasting ones!

My amazing sister (for technical matters she is my sister in law but I am not a fan of the word- in law, seems so distance. So I don’t use it) took me to an Ethiopian restaurant one evening while I was visiting them in Nashville.  When she asked me where I wanted to eat I said, ” I don’t care it’s your choice. I am open to anything.” She took that opportunity to open my eyes to another countries cuisines. It was this little hole in the wall place that I would have normally never have stopped at, and probably never tried. I realized in that one simple and delicious meal that I had been missing out on such a large amount of mindbogglingly good food. It really opened my eyes to try things just for the experience. After that night I was determined to try new types of food, and I have been so pleasantly surprised to find out the array of foods that I now love.

As funny as it may seem, I placed anything with the name curry in it on this imaginary list of foods I was sure I wouldn’t like. I never tasted it growing up in the south so I just assumed I wouldn’t like it. That is the funny thing about prejudging something ,you think you know, but have no idea. After that night at the Ethiopian restaurant it made sense to me to tackle this imaginary list one by one. My plan was to try all these foods that I had judged with no merit (unless it was meat and then I left it on there, because there is no way I could ever eat veal or lamb. My heart just wont let me).

On my quest I was looking around  this really great site called Naked Vegan Lunch.  It is filled with really yummy looking recipes. This one jumped out at me and I thought- Now is my chance to “Take Action” as my husband likes to say. He is a online marketer so he is full of those great sayings, but to me it meant stop the talking and start the walking, or cooking in this instance.

Spinach Lentil Curry

Creamy Spinach Lentil Curry

This may not be the prettiest looking meal, but it taste divine. You start this recipe by sauteing onions, garlic and  fragrant spices. I wish I could put a scratch and sniff button on this post so you could really enjoy the amazing smell that was wafting out of this pan!

Next you add in some diced tomatoes and spinach. I forgot to take my spinach out of the freezer like the recipe called for but it turned out fine. The frozen spinach I used came out in these little squares. I have never seen them like that but I really like it. It would be easy to just use a little or a lot , whatever you needed at the time.

creamy spinach red lentil curry

You then add red lentils and your vegetable broth and let it cook. The Red Lentils are my favorite kind of lentil.

As I watched all the ingredients cook , all those thoughts came rushing through my head again about why I didn’t try new things.

I quickly shut them out and decide to try it anyway. I am so glad I did! This meal was so good! It was unlike anything I had ever tried before but I loved it! The spices worked together so well and the red chili in it gave it a little heat that was pleasant but not over whelming. This Creamy Spinach Lentil Curry will go in our meal line up.  I later tried using a tortilla chip to try some of this as a dip and that was equally as good- so feel free to use it as dip or serve it over rice. Or come up with a new way that your family will love. My kids like dips and will eat just about anything if I let them use a tortilla chip, so for us I will probably introduce this to them  that way.

creamy spinach lentil curry

You can find the full recipe here at  The Naked Vegan Lunch. Please take some time and look around the  site. It is filled with great recipes including this one!

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Spinach Lentil Curry

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