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Dont throw it away! Save it!

Dont throw it away! Save it!

It was one of those times when you have to catch yourself and mindfully do something different.

For me that moment was when I discovered that my kids had taken one our step up stools outside and had not brought it back in. You can tell from the picture it was in rough shape.

My first thought was just to throw it away and get another one. When I realized that was my first thought I was instantly sad. Our society has conditioned us to just throw it away, buy a new shiny one, get the new updated version, etc.

This is obviously not how I want to live or what I want to teach my children.

I had seen all of these wonderful projects every week that linked up with me on my MMM link up party that would of course take an old piece of furniture and make it beautiful. Inspired by those I thought I would give it a try.

I cleaned it really good and then found some leftover paint from when we painted my daughters room.  Two coats of paint later, I stood back and admired my work.

No it doesn’t look as amazing as all of those projects that I had seen online. Yes, the lid was a little warped. But it was useable again! I didn’t throw it in the landfill to sit for many years until it hopefully decomposed.

Now we use this little stool every day! It is perfect for my daughter to use when brushing her teeth or when I can’t reach something on the top shelf (which happens a lot- I am only 5ft 3inches).

This is not a how to post, this is I hope to inspire you post. Before you throw something away because it isn’t the prettiest, newest, or doesn’t fit with your décor take a second and try to be creative. Try to see what you could do to change it. If there is no way to make it work then ask around and see if anyone else wants it. I have sold and given away many pieces of furniture, pictures, books, and other random things over the years. You may never know who would be blessed by you getting rid of a couch you hate or that pile of baby clothes you have had for years.

Remember to change the world for a better place, we have to start with small mindful changes!

What are your small changes you are making? 

Dont throw it away! Save it!

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