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Easy Minestrone Soup Recipe

Easy Minestrone Soup Recipe - so easy to tweak to what you like and have on hand. Super easy and loaded with goodness!

Easy Minestrone Soup Recipe

I love minestrone soup! It is one of my favorite soups to make because it is so easy to adapt to whatever you have on hand. Its also loaded with great veggies that give it a really hardy feeling to the meal. Pair it with some easy biscuits and you have a cheap but decently healthy meal!

You can use fresh ingredients or you can use canned. If you use canned just give them a good rinse before you put it in the soup. Like I said above, this is an easy recipe to use whatever you have on hand or if you need to use up some leftovers!

Easy Minestrone Soup Recipe


1 large onion chopped

3 medium carrots (or a can of carrots)

1- 2 celery stalks chopped

1 clove of garlic (2 if you love garlic) finely minced

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can white beans,drained and rinsed  (any type of bean will do, use what you have on hand)

1 cup of cooked noodles (any kind of noodle or grain will work- use what you have)

5 cups of vegetable broth

1 tsp of dried basil

1 tsp of oregano

salt and pepper to taste

*I also like to add 2 Tsp of nutritional yeast to mine. Its not needed but it gives a nice flavor to the soup.


Remember when I said it was easy? Add everything except the cooked noodles and bring it to a boil.Cook until the veggies are tender to your liking. You can also put this in the crock pot and let it cook on low all day. Right before you serve it , toss in the noodles or grain you want to use. Give it a stir and serve!




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