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Essential Oils-Part 1

Essential Oils!  Have you ever wanted to learn about Essential Oils? Have you wondered what they really do and what is all the fuss about? Then come along with us and learn all about them in this series at Adventures in Mindful Living!

I have always been really curious about Essential Oils.I was lucky enough to be able to go to a presentation that Joy and her family did on them. Her whole family is very knowledgeable on Essential Oils. I really enjoyed the presentation, and it made me really want to learn so much more about them. I knew a lot of my readers had been asking questions about Essential Oils  so I asked her to do some guest blogging for me on the subject. I am really excited for this series becasue I get to learn right along with all of you!  If any of you would like to purchase any of the Essential Oils , Joy does sell them.  I would love for you to get them from her becasue you wont just get a great product – you will also get great knowledgeable customer service! That is hard to find nowadays! If you would like to check out her store  and the other Essential Oils she sells click here.

Ok  lets get started!! If you have any questions please ask in the comments or on the Facebook page!! 

Essential Oils-Part 1

My name is Joy from Who’s Learning Who’s Teaching and I would like to thank Amber for giving me the opportunity to do a guest post for her wonderful blog. Our family has been homeschooling for 8 years so that is mainly what my blog is about right now, but we have been using essential oils for over 4 years and have recently gotten excited about sharing what we have learned over the last few years with our friends.

My husband and I work independently from our home while we homeschool our son who is 14 and daughter who is 12, which is nice because we are blessed with a lot of family time but it also means we have no health insurance currently. All of our medical expenses (except for our son who has special needs) are out of pocket. This has lead us to wanting to stay as healthy as possible so we only need to go to the doctor for occasional check ups or emergencies.

When our children were younger my son was very medically fragile and was sick frequently. I’m talking being admitted to the hospital sick on many occasions. Thankfully he has grown out of that but I was still on the lookout for things to boost our immune system. Another good friend of mine, who is also a homeschooler, introduced me to the many health benefits of using essential oils. Just like she did for me I would like to give you some of the basics as when you are just starting out it can be a bit overwhelming.

First, not all essential oils should be considered equal. I am not going to get into brands even though I do have a brand I prefer, but instead I want to let you know what to look for in a good quality (AND SAFE!) essential oil.

Make sure that the oil you are using is 100% pure. My husband and I found out first hand that an oil will say it’s organic, therapeutic, 100% natural on and on….but sometimes if you look at the label it will have added alcohol and a lot of synthetic junk that is not healthy for your body and can be toxic. Look for warnings such as “do not ingest”, “dilute before using” or labels that say 55-65% corn alcohol.

Do not consume an essential oil unless you know it is meant as a dietary supplement. Most that you find at the health food store should never be consumed. These oils are only meant for topical purposes and can be dangerous!

Make sure not to use essential oils while pregnant without qualified medical advice.

When using on children use a very small amount because often these oils are very concentrated. Use carrier oils such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or safflower oil. Make sure not to put it on small children’s hands. If you get them in your eye it can be really burn and be very uncomfortable.


Let me tell you a few of my favorite ones! In fact these were a few of the first oils I started using. These will be name brands because that is what we use.

Essential Oils Part 1! Come and learn along with me all about Essential Oils in this series at Adventures in Mindful Living!

This one is so versatile! You can make kitchen cleaners out of it or with honey use it to soothe a sore throat. I take this one daily and it has really helped me to stop drinking sodas and sugary drinks. My drink of choice is to put ice in a glass (do not use plastic), put a couple drops of lemon on the ice and fill it with water. I cannot describe how refreshing this is on a hot day! I just think it is so neat that I can use something to clean my house that is safe enough to drink in my ice water! Another thing that can really make your home extremely cheery is to diffuse lemon oil into the air. Not only does it smell good but it cleans the air!

Essential Oils Part 1! Come and learn along with me all about Essential Oils in this series at Adventures in Mindful Living!

When I typically think of peppermint or even smell peppermint the holidays always come to mind but peppermint is not just for Christmas, it can be used daily! It is fantastic for digestion and when you are sick to your stomach. It is extremely soothing. I have taken it with a couple of drops in warm water but you can even massage it on your stomach for relief. Massaged onto your neck it can relieve tension. If you put it in a diffuser it will open your sinuses and perk you up as the aroma is invigorating and uplifting. I have used it on my temples combined with lavender successfully for even a headache. (just be careful not to get in your eyes and do not use this one on infants)

Essential Oils Part 1! Come and learn along with me all about Essential Oils in this series at Adventures in Mindful Living!

If I could pick my all-time favorite this one might possibly be it. It’s wonderful to put on the bottoms of your feet at night to help you relax or put several drops in a spray bottle with water and spray it on your pillows and sheets. Yes, it makes things smell wonderful but it also is a good disinfectant. Mosquito bite or burn? Put this on topically and it takes the pain away and helps heal the wound. I love to make bath salts and wool dryer balls with lavender oil in them.


Before I go I want to tell you one last thing that I discovered this spring that I was extremely skeptical about when I first read about it. What happens when you take Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils (two drops of each) and put them in a capsule? You get the most wonderful allergy remedy minus the side effects of dry mouth, sleepiness, etc. It has helped me just as well if not better than the once a day allergy medicine I normally take this time of year. If you try this though please check on the purity of the oil and if it can be taken internally. Not all oils are created the same.


I feel like I am still always learning about essential oils but would love any questions you have for me!

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  1. I use peppermint oil a lot for headaches! And I love the smell of lemon oil- it’s so clean. I believe oils can be very therapeutic. You just have to give them a shot. I think most people dismiss them right off the bat without ever trying them. Great advice about how to buy organic oil–I did not know that! It can be very confusing!

  2. I recently purchased several essential oils and began using lavender as a sleep aid. This it has really helped me to sleep better. (Thank goodness!) I enjoy exploring ways to use essential oils so I am delighted that you that you shared this introduction to essential oils with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! We appreciate it!

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