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Simmering Potpourri – How to make your own!

Simmering Potpourri- Save your $$ and come learn how easy it is to make your homes smell better naturally!

Simmering Potpourri – How to make your own! I have always been a fan of lamp oil and candles becasue I love a great smelling house. Unfortunately I live with children, a cat, and I love to cook with things like onions, garlic, and fish. So needless to say, a nice smelling home is not always what I have. While ...

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Natural Insect repellent and a giveaway!

Natural Insect Repellent and a giveaway! Looking for other more natural options when it comes to keeping those lovely insects at bay this summer? Then come and check out this recipe and enter to win a bottle of Terrashield! Adventures in Mindful Living

 Natural Insect repellent and a giveaway! I have really been enjoying learning about the essential oils! I really appreciate Joy sharing her knowledge with me and all of you! I thought that Natural Insect Repellent  was a perfect topic for the 4th of July recipes week since cookouts, get togethers, and fireworks mostly involve being outside. Being outside means you ...

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Anxiety and Essential Oils

Anxiety and Essential Oils! Part of the Essential Oil Series at adventures In Mindful Living. Come learn along with me about EOs!! Have a question? Ask it!

Anxiety and Essential Oils Anxiety is something a lot of people struggle with. I myself have had struggles with anxiety and depression for years. While I always recommend seeking out professional help I also know that there are sometimes things we can do to help and lessen the effects of anxiety.When Joy told me about wanting to write this post ...

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Using Essential Oils for Depression (Essential Oils Series Part 3)

Essential Oil Series Part 3! Using Essential Oils for Depression- lets start the conversation!! Come ask questions and lets learn together!

Using Essential Oils for Depression   As always I appreciate Joy writing these posts and being honest with her experiences! I am learning so much about Essential Oils through these posts and this one hits home for me in a big way. As someone who has and still does struggle with depression this is one I really wanted to read. ...

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The Story of Thieves Oil (Part 2 of the Essential Oils Series)

Essential Oil Series ( Part 2). Thieves Oil! What is it and how can it keep you well? Got some questions? Come ask them!! Adventures in Mindful Living!

The Story of Thieves Oil (Part 2 of the Essential Oil Series)   I am always so excited to see what Joy has written about Essential Oils! I am learning right along with all of you so remember if you have questions please ask them! You can ask them in the comments or on our Facebook page!   Now on ...

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Essential Oils-Part 1

Essential Oils! Have you ever wanted to learn about Essential Oils? Have you wondered what they really do and what is all the fuss about? Then come along with us and learn all about them in this series at Adventures in Mindful Living!

I have always been really curious about Essential Oils.I was lucky enough to be able to go to a presentation that Joy and her family did on them. Her whole family is very knowledgeable on Essential Oils. I really enjoyed the presentation, and it made me really want to learn so much more about them. I knew a lot of ...

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