How High will you Climb? written by John C.Maxwell (Review)

How High will you Climb? written by John C.Maxwell (Review)

How High will you Climb? written by John C.Maxwell (Review)


How High will you Climb is biblically based self help/ motivational book that I was given free of charge from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

First a quick description provided by the Thomas Nelson site.-


How high will you climb? John Maxwell says it all depends on your attitude.

Nose up or nose down? Just as the angle of an airplane determines its altitude, so does the approach we take—to family, to work, to life in general—determine the attitude we present the world. The way we solve a problem is often secondary to the approach we take in facing the problem, our outward expression every bit as critical as the inward struggle. When the skies above appear stormy, how will you steer that internal plane we call attitude?

This book has 176 pages and you can be purchased here. You can also read the longer description of the book there as well.

My thoughts- 

This is the first quote you come to in the book and it really stuck with me. I have lots of ability that is only bypassed by my motivation.But my attitude, well…..

Ok Ill admit it. My attitude is not always the best. I try to be positive and maintain a good one but there are just those days that I am not. You know those days. The ones when you get hit with every kind of challenge, every bump in the road,every ego blow,and every negative person in the world gives you their 2 cents.

I know that I should strive even harder on those days to maintain the right attitude. I know that doing so will directly shape how I deal with all of those bumps, and all of the people I come in contact with!

How High will you Climb directly talks about those days and guides you through several lessons and principles to help encourage you and also help you change your attitude from bad to good!

Most of all this book remindes me that I can not always change or help the circumstances that get thrown my way. What I can change and control is my attitude. Maintaining and cultivating a positive attitude will help me be a better leader and health coach, a better wife and mother,and even a better friend.

If you are looking for a good motivational read that can help you get your attitude straighten out and get you headed for success in any field you should check this book out.

How High will you Climb? written by John C.Maxwell (Review)

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