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MMM link up party #14

MMM link up party #14

Adventures in Mindful Living - AIML Amber Neal A Mindful Mommy


Hello everyone! What a great link up we had last week! It was really cool to see some new blogs linked up! Did you have a favorite blog post you read last week from the link up? I dont think I could choose just one! My favorite thing is going on some of your blogs to read the post and pin it and then seeing other things on your blogs I want to read. It takes me forever to get through all of them becasue I get so sidetracked! But I guess that is what happens when all the great blogs link up in one place!  Thank you all for linking up and sharing about the link up! It helps everyones blogs grow when everyone does their part, so I super appreciate it!

Did all of you enter the giveaway we have going on this week? After you are done linking up come enter! Click here to take you to the giveaway! 

Now on to the show!! Please make sure you read all the rules before you link up!! Each week I feel horrible having to delete blog posts that don’t follow the rules. I HATE that!!! So please don’t make me!!!

Before we get to the link up I love to share some of the posts that got some major action this last week!

Homestead Mania shared a natural hair dye that covers gray

Natural Hair Dye That Covers Gray

Intelligent Domestications shared great ideas for a construction themed party  

Bull Dozier Shaped Sandwiches

Lady Blogger shared about Blog Organization 


Wedding Rings to Teething Rings shared a new blogger confession 

Last but not least this week is a post from Who’s learning? Who’s teaching? about a really fun learning experience

If you were featured please feel free to go grab an ” I was Featured ” button from my sidebar area!

Each week I will be sharing some of the most clicked on  blog posts so make sure you share about this link up party on your social media! The more shares the more exposure for everyone!  (yourself and your blog included!)


Please read the rules BEFORE you link up. I will be removing all links that do not follow these.

Rules for linking up-

Follow me on  any of my social medias-  Facebook    Pinterest   Twitter   Google+    (let me know which in the comments so I can make sure to follow you back!)

– Please tweet about this link up,pin it,or  share it to help us grow!

-please only link up family friendly content

-please no meat recipes (there are plenty of other places to do that  so I don’t need to add one to it). Recipes with dairy I am fine with becasue those can easily be subbed out for anyone who wants to or needs to.

make sure you go and visit at least 2 others from the link list you added yourself too! Its a great way to go and make new friends!

-crafts,inspirational posts, non meat recipes,projects,  DIY projects all welcome!Basically anything you are mindful about we would love to see! Mindful Mommy Monday Link up PARTY!!! ~~~

Remember I also pin every one of the blog posts on my this pinterest board for extra exposure! Some posts get pinned twice because I pin them on my other boards too!  

Lets party!

Thank you for coming by!!

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  1. Hi Amber! Thanks for hosting! This week I’m sharing a Black Forest Trifle 🙂
    I hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi Amber – thanks for hosting again! Great Big Thanks for featuring my article “Natural Hair Dye That Covers Gray”. Looking forward to reading all the great stuff that gets shared.
    ~ Jennifer @ Homestead Mania

  3. Thank you for the invite and for hosting! I am following you on all social networks as either Sarah Frederick or Mommy of Two 🙂

    FYI the link for your Google+ profile does not work without tweaking. It took me to your page and then redirected. If you erase back to the last number it’s fixed. Hopefully that makes sense, lol


  4. Hi Amber! Thanks so much for hosting again! This is such a fun way for a newbie like me to get some bloggy friends! Hope everyone has an awesome week!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting. I enjoyed reading a couple of the featured posts. The one about the fishbowl who linked before me I found impossible to comment on. 🙁

  6. Hi Amber! Thanks for hosting and adding Fantastic Friday Link Up to your link up page.
    I wanted to wish you a great week!

    Kim~ This Ole Mom

  7. Thanks for hosting! I shared 2 posts this week, one is a guest post from my friend Becky of Crafty Garden Mama about ingredients to avoid in our skincare routine. Skincare is the last place I need to make changes.

  8. Thank you so much for featuring our Construction Theme party post! We had so much fun with that party, glad others are enjoying those ideas as well. Thanks for hosting such a great Linky party, I’ve enjoyed meeting bloggers who I can learn from 🙂

  9. Hi Amber, I had followed on FB before but I now followed on on twitter, pinterest, and google. Thanks for hosting this great party. Appreciate your hard work. Marla

  10. Thank you for hosting 😀 There are so many great looking links this week!
    I have my Homemade Chocolate Nut Butter

  11. Thank you for hosting a great link up and sharing so many creative bloggers.

  12. Happy 2014!
    A new year, new opportunities!
    Today I shared a “A New Year, A New You: 25 Green Resolutions for the New Year, Pt 1”, “A New Year, A New You: 9 Great Ways to Be Beautiful from the Inside Out”, “Vegan Veggie Delight:Savory Leek Potato Vegetable Soup”, “How to Avoid Carrageenan & Make Your Own Organic Hemp Milk”, and
    “Food for Thought: 26 Eco friendly Ways to Reduce Your Home Food Waste”!
    Thank you for hosting this fabulous link up! I shared this link up on Twitter, followed you on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook.

  13. Hello Amber! Thank you for hosting! Have a great night and happy Friday!

    ~ Vashti

  14. Found you on another blog & am your newest follower on Pinterest! Rachael DeBruin at http://www.parentingandhomeschoolinginfaith.com 🙂

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