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MMM link up party #8!

MMM link up party #8!

Adventures in Mindful Living - AIML Amber Neal A Mindful Mommy

Each week this link up just gets better and better! I love going on the blogs and seeing comments that say they are stopping by from MMM link up! I can also tell from my linky account that people are visiting a lot more with each other so that is great too! The numbers are lower but when I started this it wasnt about the number for me, it was about helping everyone have a place to link up and interact with each other.  So needless to  say I really appreciate everyone following the rules and going around to some of the different blogs. I will tell you I have met some of my newest friends through these blog hops. Kim from This Ole Mom is one of them. Just a simple message to her letting her know I liked her page started a friendship! The point is you get out what you put in!

Now on to the highest clicked on posts from last week! I am also going to be showing the last blog to link up too! Sometimes I think that one gets forgotten and thats not my style here!

Remember if you want to pin any of these recipes please go to the original bloggers post to pin it from.

This yummy looking Easy Crockpot Meal  from My plant Based Family got lots of clicks this week! I cant wait to try it myself!


Rewards  Charts for kids shared this reading chart to help your children become readers

Sticker Chart

Free kindergarten teacher resources shared some great playdough recipes with us! 

Make your own playdough!

Ragdoll Kitchen shared a multi-seed carob breakfast cookie 

Multi-Seed Carob Breakfast Cookies

Baking with Mom  was the last blog to link up with us with this cute snowman craft!

DSC04056 (1)

If you were featured please feel free to go grab an ” I was Featured ” button from my sidebar area!

Each week I will be sharing some of the most clicked on  blog posts so make sure you share about this link up party on your social media! The more shares the more exposure for everyone!  (yourself and your blog included!)


So lets link up!! Remember keep scrolling down the page to get to the other link up areas for your other social media!

Please read the rules BEFORE you link up. I will be removing all links that do not follow these.

Rules for linking up-

Follow me on  any of my social medias-  Facebook    Pinterest   Twitter   Google+    (let me know which in the comments so I can make sure to follow you back!)

– Please tweet about this link up,pin it,or  share it to help us grow!

-please only link up family friendly content

please no meat recipes (there are plenty of other places to do that  so I don’t need to add one to it). Recipes with dairy I am fine with becasue those can easily be subbed out for anyone who wants to or needs to

make sure you go and visit at least 2 others from the link list you added yourself too! Its a great way to go and make new friends!

-crafts,inspirational posts, non meat recipes,projects,  DIY projects all welcome!Basically anything you are mindful about we would love to see! Mindful Mommy Monday Link up PARTY!!! ~~~

Remember I also pin every one of the blog posts on my this pinterest board for extra exposure! Some posts get pinned twice because I pin them on my other boards too!  

Lets party!

This is where you link up your blog posts!

New this week!! Link up your instagram accounts!  Please follow me  ( click here for mine) and let me know when you do so I can follow you!

This is where you link up your twitter accounts!

Link up your pinterest accounts!

Thank you for stopping by and linking up! Make sure to come back next week and see if you are featured! Now go and make some new friends!!

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  1. Thanks for hosting. 🙂 Looking forward to come back and checking out the links. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Amber! Messed up and added my recipe to instagram first by accident… (I don’t have instagram)
    Then I put it in the right spot..Haha.
    This week I’m sharing Jam Thumbprint Cookies. I hope you have a great week!

  3. Hello Amber! Thank you for hosting this Blog Hop. Have a great night.


  4. Thank you so much for hosting and for featuring my breakfast cookies 🙂

  5. Thank you Amber for hosting! You always leave wonderful comments on my posts, and I really appreciate the time you take to expose everyone’s posts w/social media. You’re taking a lot of time to do this, and it’s been helpful to me, and others I’m sure. Thanks again. This is a fantastic link-up!

    • Thank you for the sweet comment! I have really enjoyed this link up and everyone has been really great about going and really taking the time to reach out to other bloggers. A link up is only as good as the blogs that link up with it so I am blessed to have great bloggers who link up with me each week! Thanks for coming by and linking up with us and being one of those awesome bloggers!

  6. Thanks for hosting Amber. I love this link up – always fantastic posts and people here!

    • I have really enjoyed hosting it! Each week it is always exciting to me to see what everyone linked up! Thanks for coming by and linking up!

  7. Hello lovely lady,

    thank you for hosting this awesome link up ! I hope you and your family had a wonderful day today!

    Take care,
    Kim ~ This ole Mom

  8. Wow! What an awesome idea you have come up with there! I’ll have to get posting so I can add some links 🙂

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