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About me-

My name is Amber Neal. I am a mom of three and wife to one good looking man named Jeremy. My health journey started a couple years ago after some pretty scary health issues came up in my family and in myself. We made some changes to our diet and started to feel better. It made me realize the power of food and that it can heal. It also got me thinking if I mindfully changed a few more things in our life what other differences could we see?

Out of this idea Adventures in Mindful Living was born. I started this website just to make sharing my recipes, tips and tricks, etc just easier. What it has turned into has been a very fun and fulfilling passion of mine where I have been able to connect with thousands of families and have meet so many wonderful new people that have made my life richer. I love to help families get healthier physically, mentally, and financially! It is my heart and I have such a wonderful toolbox full of ways to help you so please ask!!

We continue to tweak what we are doing , what we are eating, and how we do just about everything so this website keeps evolving with us!


  1. Hi, Amber!! Followed you over from your Facebook invite. Loved reading your story above, as I have been through some similar circumstances and am also a Child of Christ!! Not to mention that, my whole church did the “Daniel Plan” together. Unfortunately, I did get the results you did, but nonetheless, believe it is something everyone should try and see if it works for their life!! Thanks for the invite!! I have joined your link party and added your Button to my blog. After reading your testimonial, I think I’ll add a link to my butternut squash soup post, as I think you might enjoy it. Easily omit any dairy, and I use very little in the first place, But the flavors are wonderful!
    Many Blessings,
    ps. don’t you just love how we find each other in the blog world?!

    • Its so nice to meet you! I know that cutting out all meat and dairy isn’t for everyone. But I do think everyone can benefit from adding in a couple of meals,snacks,and desserts that are meat free and dairy free. I was just looking at your recipe on the link up! I just pinned it so I can make it later. It looked sooo good! With fall coming around I love soups! I think one of the best things about these blog link up parties is getting to meet new people and find new blogs that I might have never found! I love learning new things from new people!Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you better and enjoying your blog some more!

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