Pineapple Whip Shake!

Healthy can be tasty and easy! This recipe for a Pineapple Whip Shake is both! If you have ever had this treat at Disney World, you will love this one!

Pineapple Whip Shake! I believe healthy should taste good and it should be easy! That is why I love my shake mix that I use. It tastes good by itself (the vanilla tastes like cake) and it tastes good with stuff added to it. You don’t have to use the same one I do, everyone has their favorite protein powder. ...

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A Berry Good Shake

A "Berry" Good for you Shake! Healthy can be tasty! Come check out this creamy shake that is loaded with goodness!

A Berry Good for You Shake I love this shake! The avocado gives it this really great creamy texture. I usually end up eating this with a spoon so it feels like a dessert that I am having for breakfast! Depending on your blender you might have to add a little more milk to your blender to get it to ...

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Mason Jar Salad Resources!

How to make a Mason Jar Salad and lots of resources , tips, tricks, and recipes!

Mason Jar Salad Resources I love Mason Jar Salads! Mason Jar Salads help keep me on track by making sure I always have an easy and convenient meal waiting on me in the fridge. I have posted about my Mason Jar Salads a couple of times on our Facebook page and after a couple of you messaged me I thought ...

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Peppermint Patty Super Shake

Peppermint Patty Shake! Just like my favorite candy, except good for me!

Peppermint Patty Super Shake Peppermint Patty‘s are one of my favorite candies. I am a sucker for them! The first time I made this one I knew it would be my favorite becasue it reminded me of a peppermint patty! I had to share it with all of you becasue it was just to good to keep to myself! Two ...

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How I got my family to drink more water!

The simple way I got my family to drink more water!

How I got my family to drink more water! I always like to share ideas that have worked really well with my family. My goal was to get my family to drink more water. We had already come off of juice and soft drinks (except for special occasions)  but we still were not drinking  as much water as I knew ...

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Healthier Alfredo Sauce (Loaded with Veggies)

Healthier Alfredo Sauce!less calories, cholesterol free, dairy free, and much healthier for you!

Healthier Alfredo Sauce (Loaded with Veggies)   (There are affiliate links on this page, any amount made from these links help with the upkeep of this website!) This Healthier Alfredo sauce has quickly became one of my favorite meals! It is sooo much healthier than the typical Alfredo sauce not only becasue it is drastically less calories but it has ...

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5 Fun and Free ways to Exercise!

5 Fun and Free ways to Exercise!

5 Fun and Free ways to Exercise! Are you looking for some fun and free ways to exercise and workout? Try these! 1. Hit your local library! Chances are your local library has a video section  that will have DVDs you can check out of different workout videos. Its a great way to tryout some different types of workouts (Pilates,yoga, ...

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Peanut Butter Cup Shake

Peanut Butter Cup Shake! It is hard to believe something this good can help you lose weight and feel great!!

Peanut Butter Cup Shake It is really hard to believe that something that tastes like a piece of candy (one of my favorite by the way) can actually be good for you!! What makes it so good for you is the whole food nutritional protein powder I use in it. You can use any kind of chocolate protein powder of course. ...

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Life hacks I love

I feel like this is brilliant!lol!!

Life hacks I love! You and your pizza are welcome! Have a mindfully great day!

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Hilarious Sad Cat Diaries Video

Hilarious Sad Cat Diaries video- need a quick laugh? Then you have to watch this video!

Hilarious Sad Cat Diaries Video  With everything going on in the world I think sometimes its nice to just stop and enjoy a good laugh. These Sad Cat Diaries are hilarious and they make me crackup every time. These cats remind me so much of our family cat,Miss Kitty. Just for fun- what the funniest video you have seen today? ...

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Pumpkin Super Shake

Pumpkin Super Shake! Ward off those holiday pounds and come find out a tasty way to look great and feel great! Great for kids and parents!

Pumpkin Super Shake Oh my this shake is sooo good! Its really hard to believe that it is actually good for you! I really love when healthy can equal tasty! I am using this shake and some other fantastic ones (along with my favorite Super Whole Food Capsules) to help me keep off those pesky holiday pounds this holiday season. ...

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Banana Nut Bread Super Shake

Banana Nut Bread Shake- for those crazy busy or stressful days when you need a little pick me that won't make your jeans tighter! Kid approved too!

Banana Nut Bread Shake You might have notice I have been on a little bit of a shake kick lately. I would like to explain why (and don’t worry next week will bring other recipes and cool tips), you see I am a super busy mom.  Of course I would like to see a mom who isn’t busy really. But ...

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Purple Martian Super Smoothie

Are you looking for a super smoothie that is tasty and packed with some amazing super foods? Then come and check this one out!

Purple Martian Super Smoothie   One of the fun ways I used to encourage my kids to try new smoothies was to give them fun names. This is a really fun and tasty smoothie that is packed full of super foods! Healthy can be tasty too!! Purple Martian Super Smoothie 1 cup kale (stems and ribs removed) 1 cup frozen ...

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Easy Black Bean and Rice Soup

Are you looking for an Easy Black Bean and Rice Soup recipe? Come check this one out. Lots of ways you can make this a perfect meal for you!

Easy Black Bean and Rice Soup I am a huge fan of easy, healthy, and tasty soups and this black bean and rice soup is certainly one of those! You probably have almost everything you need in your pantry right now to make this. If not look over the ingredient list and add them to your grocery list this week! ...

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Anna’s Vanilla Chai Smoothie

Healthier Version of a traditional vanilla chai latte! Yummy and good for you!!

Anna’s Vanilla Chai Smoothie A couple of weeks ago I had this really good frozen vanilla chai latte drink at one of our local coffeehouses. The one I had was full of sugar, cream, and of course wasn’t healthy in anyway. I left there thinking that I was pretty sure I could make a healthier version that I could enjoy ...

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