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Popular Posts!

These are my top 12 posts from my blog! If you are new here this is a great place to start so you can get a good idea of what kind of things you will find on my website. If you are already a fan then take a look too! You may have missed some of these! 

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1. Healthy Smoothies for the Busy Person!


2. Sub Sandwiches Done Right!

Want a healthier fast and easy dinner solution for those busy night? Try out this super easy,cheap,and delicious idea!  Adventures in Mindful Living

3. Roasted Red Pepper Soup

roasted red pepper1

4. How to keep a Toddler Busy so you can get stuff done!

How to keep a toddler busy so you can actually get stuff done! Cheap and easy ideas that will save your sanity and let you be more productive!  Adventures in Mindful Living

5. Something a Little Different


6. Jeremy’s Famous Homemade Salsa

Jeremy’s Famous Homemade Salsa


7. Letter A and some Fun

Letter A and some fun! Some super fun,easy, and cheap ways to teach the Letter A ! Adventures in Mindful Living

8. Booksshouldbefree.com


9. Cocoa Granola Crisp

Cocoa Granola Crisp Recipe! A healthy way to eat chocolate for breakfast! Adventures in Mindful Living

10. Mexican Cheese Dip


Mexican Cheese dip recipe @ Adventures in Mindful Living

11. Pancakes for the Busy Person

Pancakes for Busy Moms! A quick and easy method to make your mornings easier!  Adventures in Mindful Living

12.Don’t Fear the Potato! Healthier Options for your toppings! 

Healthier options for your toppings

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  1. The Silly to Calm DVD is a very interesting idea. My granddaughter has mild Autism and, when she gets out of control, I have always found that distracting her works better than anything else ever tried! Although she is much older than this DVD was created for, I still believe it would be a helpful concept. KUDOs to you for giving it away – and for letting mothers know there is an alternative to punishment for behaviors many kids cannot control.

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