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Quick and Easy Cheesecake

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Quick and Easy Cheesecake

With the holidays rolling around I find myself concentrating less on healthy foods and more on the traditional holiday foods. Normally that would be great but this year we have majorly changed our eating habits so the holidays have been a little more filled with anxiety for me. I sat here a couple weeks ago and wondered -What am I going to make to bring to all of our holiday get togethers?  I decided to spend this whole month concentrating on my holiday recipes so that I could confidently answer that question!

Of course my first priority is desserts!

My family loves cheesecake so when I saw this recipe on pinterest I knew I needed to make it! Now most of you know that I can’t eat any dairy so I never thought cheesecake was going to grace my lips again, that was until I bit into this one!

OH MY!! This is soo good!! To give you an idea of how good it was let me tell you about my morning. I let this set up overnight in the fridge. The recipe called for letting it chill for 2 hours but I fell asleep before I could try it. I took it out this morning to take a picture of it and thought  I should try it. I wanted to wait till later to try it but I couldn’t resist! I thought I would just take one bite and then put it up. One bite lead to another as I was so surprised it was soo good! So yes I ate cheesecake for breakfast. How is that for encouraging you to eat healthy and more mindfully? Ok so dont follow my example and just eat this like a normal person would for a dessert!

Besides the taste this recipe is really easy, it is not just something I typed out to get you to open the link up. Literally all you do is put all the ingredients in a bowl and blend them up. Throw it in a graham cracker crust, bake it, then chill it!

The only thing I did different was I added a little lemon extract because I like for my cheesecake to have a little twang to it and my lemons were not really strong tasting. To make the  strawberry syrup you see in my picture all you have to do is blend up some strawberries, thats is it! I had frozen strawberries so mine were a little soupy but it worked for this recipe!

So are you ready to try the recipe? Go on over to Vegangela to get the full recipe! Click here to go straight to the recipe! Take some time and lok around while you are there!

dairy free cheesecake2

Go ahead and pin this or share it! Let your friends know about this great recipe! Have a great holiday!

Stay tuned for more great holiday recipes coming soon!  

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  1. Thanks Amber for sharing that Vegan Cheese cake it does look delicious. We sell the sugar at work but I’m not sure where to buy the Tofutti . I would love to try this recipe.


  2. Thanks for hosting the link up party. I found this recipe via the party. My husband was recently diagnosed with gout and the doctor suggested he go on a vegan diet for a month so I guess I will be visiting your site very often over the next month. I see lots of great recipes here! Thanks!

  3. My husband LOVES cheesecake and I am ALWAYS searching for a good, clean recipe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Pinning this for future reference to make for my dairy free son who LOVES cheesecake but hasn’t been able to have it since diagnosed with his allergy. Thanks so much for sharing!

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