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Sub Sandwiches done right!

Sub Sandwiches done right!

Want a healthier fast and easy dinner solution for those busy night? Try out this super easy,cheap,and delicious idea!  Adventures in Mindful Living

We all have that night. You know the one where everyone seems to need to be somewhere like Scouts,dance,or some kind of practice? Well for me that night is Monday night. I used to try to make a nice meal on Mondays. I thought if I just started the meal prep earlier maybe I could get them fed and out the door on time. I pulled that off a couple times but with life sometimes stuff just happens. Babies get cranky, school needs to be completed, laundry has to get folded sometime, and the kitchen needs to be at least clean enough to where DSS isnt going to show up. Ok my life  is not that crazy but you get the point. I needed an easy meal I could put together pretty quickly without a lot of effort ( my effort needed to be saved for finding something that always seems to be lost like a hat or a shoes!)

My solution- Sub Sandwiches!

Oh great you are thinking- sandwiches?Thanks Amber for your brilliant idea! lol!

These are not just any sub sandwiches! These are sub sandwiches done right! What does that mean? Well instead of the normal meat filled sub this is a healthy fruit and veggie filled sub!  It is a great way to get your fruit and veggies in and kids seem to really like the novelty of it.

It is pretty simple-

All you need to do is cut your sub open. Spread peanut butter ( or your other favorite nut butter) on both sides lightly. Layer bananas,apple slices ( cut them thinly to make them stack right),and strawberries on (or whatever fruit and veggie your family likes). I like to pulse up some carrots pretty finely and sprinkle it on one side of the sub.Close up the sandwich and serve with some popcorn (need a recipe click here) for a fun,healthy,and easy meal!

sub sandwiches2

Do you want to make this a Secret Agent  Recipe?

A Secret Agent Recipe is one with hidden veggies or other nutrient packed ingredients. These recipes give you practical ways to add in nutrition without the added fuss and flavor of the ingredient. For more Secret Agent Recipes check out my sidebar in the categories!

To make this a Secret Agent Recipe  take a little pumpkin puree and mix it with your peanut butter before you spread it on. That way you can get all the benefits of pumpkin without the taste. Start with very little amounts and work your way up!

I hope you will give this recipe for Sub Sandwiches done right a try! These are so much cheaper and better for you than running throw a drive thru or popping something in the microwave!

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sub sandwiches21

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Sub Sandwiches done right!

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  1. Great site, loads of good ideas here for me. I am awful in the kitchen so need some simple tips!

    • Yay! I am glad you like it! Pretty much everything I make is easy and if you ever have any questions about anything just shoot me a message and I will try to help out!

  2. Your sub has encouraged me to be a lot more adventurous with sandwiches for my kids. They love veggies and fruit so I think they might think a fruit sub quite fun.

    • thats great! My kids really loved them! they thought they were kind of funny at first but I think that made them that much more appealing.

  3. What a fantastic idea – and such an innovative filling. Never thought of anything like this. Love your site too – loads to have a look around at. (Love the secret agent recipe idea too!). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    • I am glad you like it! I think the novelty of it makes it even better!Thanks for a great link up party!Thank you for all the twitter love too!

  4. Yummy, this looks and sounds wonderful.
    My first link up with you. I cannot wait to see what all the others have to say.

    • Oh they are good and super easy too! I am so glad you came by and linked up. There are a ton of great blogs that came by and linked up and I am excited to get in and really read them! I hope you come back next Monday.

  5. Yummy fruit sandwich! Looks delicious. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Healthy Tuesday hop!

  6. What a great idea! We have a night like that, too – I’m always looking for quick and easy things to fix to get the kids out the door on time and keep my sanity! 🙂

  7. I know the title says “sub” right in it, but I thought maybe you had all that fruit tucked in a folded pancake 🙂 Both great ideas. Thanks for sharing. cass-eats.blogspot.com

  8. What a fun idea. Love it!

  9. Amber I would never have thought about making a sub like that but, I ‘m thinking I should give it a try.
    Thank you for sharing. Kim

  10. What a fabulous idea! I will definitely have to try this with my youngest son who I can never seem to get enough fruits and vegetables in to! He loves strawberries and bananas and peanut butter, so this would be a win win for sure!

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