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Weekly Meal Plan- Meal Plan Monday #3

Weekly Meal Plan- Meal Plan Monday #3

Need ideas for some healthy, tasty, and easy to make meals to work into your meal plan? Come check these out!

This week just to keep it easy we are staying with pretty much the same breakfast ideas and lunch ideas as we had on week 2. I do have some salads in a jar this week that are going to make lunch so much easier!

salad in a jar just to make life easier!

These are my meal ideas for this weeks dinners!


Super Easy Crock pot Chili

Chili Cheese Potato wedges 

Cheesy Chili Potato Wedges (A healthier version)

Black Bean Tacos 

Easy black bean and rice tacos! Super easy, super cheap,and healthy!

Cheesy Tomato and Rice Soup

Cheesy Rice and Tomato Soup. For those days you want something cheesy and filling but you don't want all the calories and cholesterol that comes along with regular cheese. (Transform 30 recipe)

Cheesy Baked Spaghetti (I am using Gluten Free Noodles to make it Transform 30 friendly)

Cheesy Baked Spaghetti (Healthier Version- so you can eat more and not feel so bad!lol). This is how comfort food and healthy can live peacefully together!

Sauteed Peppers, Onions, and Black beans over baked potatoes

Healthier options for your toppings

Red Lentil Taco Dip (I’ll use gluten free tortillas chips to make it Transform 30 friendly)

red lentil dip

My kids have never been crazy about chili so I will make them these on those nights!

Super easy to make and better for you Super Cheesy Quesadilla!! (Dairy Free- healthier version)

So what is everyone else having this week?

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  1. Those meals sound really tasty! I made a vegan paleo tomato soup to have with my spinach salad at lunch all week and it is delicious. I was nervous about using coconut milk in it but it really has serious flavour! Have a great week!

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