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This is one of my favorite websites. It is called booksshouldbefree.com. It has over 3000 free audio books!! Yes you read that right- 3000!! The best part is these are not the mindless and pointless stories that are so rampant in our society, they are beautiful classics that awaken the inner imagination in your child. There are mysteries,fantasies, childrens classics,historical fiction,  adventure,poetry,and so many more genres. Way too many to list here. This site  has audiobooks for everyone from adults to elementary students.

We use this site for pleasure and for homeschooling.


The kids love to listen to audiobook when they are in their rooms playing or drawing. I also let my kids listen to an audiobook while they fall asleep. A word of caution – this has backfired on me a couple of times becasue one or both have stayed up to see how a story ends. As long as we don’t have somewhere to be in the morning, I really dont mind. If it is developing a love for great literature then I am all for it.

For my son this site has been wonderful becasue he could  “read” whatever he wanted. It  didn’t matter if there are words he cant read or if the book is way above his reading level. He can still enjoy it becasue it is like having a personal read aloud servant at his fingertips. When I was a child I would have loved this. No trips to the library or bookstore where I have to wait for an adult to have time to take me, just endless stories for me to spend my time with.

We love read alouds and I wish I had all the time in the world just to sit around and read great literature with my children. To me that would be a dream.  I like to imagine all of sitting by the fire with the children looking adoringly at me while I read the greatest works of literature to them. While I do make time for reading aloud to them, that picture I just described is definitely a dream- not reality. While I may not have all the time to sit around and do nothing else this site does.


I love to use this site for homeschooling becasue there seems to always be some kind of story I can pull in to our studies. For example when we read about King Arthur I simply went to the site and typed in King Arthur and had 6 pages of audiobooks to choose from. Each day at lunch and in the afternoon Jayden listened to many of these stories. I feel like it made what we were reading to reading together for “school ” come alive to him even more. I would be reading something to him about a knight and he would start telling me about life as a knight. Many times I would just put down the book we were reading and listen to him.

In my opinion I think anytime you are listening or reading a good book you are learning  but I just wanted to give you an example of how we use it for studies.

I could go on and on all day about how I love this site and tell you about all the wonderful stories the kids have listened to or I could just go ahead and send you there so you and your kids could start enjoying it now!

Click here to take you straight to Booksshouldbefree!

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  1. thanks for sharing we haven’t really tried audio books and I think it would be great for my son. Definitely going to check this out!

  2. This sounds great! I would have loved this as a kid too!

    • Its really great. My son has listened to books that I didn’t even tackle till High School so I feel like when he does read them alter on he will really get so much more out of it!

  3. I didn’t know about this website, so I really thank you for writing about it! What a great tool for the whole family! I pinned this to my “reading” Pinterest board.

    • Its one of our favorites and the older my kids get the more they enjoy it. I have enjoyed listening to some great classics myself!

  4. Amber, thanks for sharing! I ‘m constantly learning something new from you.
    I am pinning this to my list for future reference.

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